Indian Market Feature

Maharashtra State, where Zenwaves India is located, has the largest commercial city in India, Mumbai and also an industrial city of Pune, where the IT and automotive industries are concentrated, and has long prospered as a center of economic activity in India. The state accounts for 15% of GDP in India and ranks among the top three in 19 different sectors including general machinery, electrical equipment, automotive and chemicals,. among 26 main industrial sectors in India, Its features are as follows, and it has the optimal geographical advantage as a base for investing in small and medium enterprises in Japan and as a research base.

• Since it is an old industrial cluster, there are many choices for suppliers of materials and materials

• The population is 5 million (8th in India), there are academic and research cities, and it is possible to secure a good workforce.

• Located in the Deccan Plateau, with good weather, full of hotels and shopping centers, and easy for foreigners to live

• Located in the center of India, with a view to both northern and southern markets. It is only 130 km away from India’s largest container port, Nava Sheva Port, which offers significant logistics benefits.