Support services for entering the Indian and Japanese markets

Consulting of India-entry for Japanese companies

India has a long history of economic transactions with the Middle East and Europe. And also the trade to the African region, where economic growth is expected, is also being actively pursued. In fact, it is very difficult for Japanese SMEs by themselves to expand into these areas.
Zenwaves Japan can obtain useful information and provide it to customers continuously using its local network of connections even in areas where it is difficult to expand independently.
When a Japanese company enters the Indian market, there are support companies that can assist in establishing a company or conducting a survey on laws and regulations. There are few companies that carry out support for marketing activities and production bases in India, and we consider our consulting marketing to be a valuable service.


Consulting of Japan-entry for Indian companies

If you search for the Internet search keyword “Invest in Japan, Indian companies”, etc., there will be almost no support consulting companies. Therefore, based on the information from the JETRO India bureau, we will summarize the views of Indian companies from investing in Japan.

• Cooperation between the Indian and Japanese governments is expanding in various fields, such as high-speed rail, energy, manufacturing and security
• It is worthy of respect that Japan, which is blessed with resources and land area and suffers from natural disasters, has risen to become a major economic power with a focus on manufacturing. Indian companies often learn from the quality of Japanese products and the spirit of the Japanese
• The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan has clarified Japan’s position to promote the acceptance of highly-skilled foreign personnel, including the Japanese version of the Green Card, and welcomes Indian companies to enter Japan.

There are very few consulting companies to enter the Japanese market for Indian companies. I understand this.When Indian companies enter the Japanese market, there are not many companies that provide more specific sales support than JETRO, the national support organization. Therefore, we believe that our consulting service, which provides comprehensive support from company establishment to office selection, manager selection, employee recruitment, marketing research, and sales agency, when entering the Japanese market, is a valuable service.

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Enter the Indian market through a comprehensive partner agreement

Aiming to develop a wide range of businesses, we aim to build relationships that can expand our business through projects that can cooperate with business partners. By combining the strengths of our company and business partners, we hope to work together with our business partners to advance to the next higher stage. We look forward to hearing from companies who can help us as our business partners.

We are developing our business based on the needs of companies that are considering entering the Indian market and companies that have Indian market research needs. In addition, our comprehensive comprehensive support consulting service aims to build a strong cooperative structure with business partners. We aim for project success while collaborating on projects that can utilize the fields that business partners are good at.

We want to share not only the point of contact with the business partner but also the idea of how the business partner and our company will proceed in the future. We believe that it is essential to establish a strong partnership based on the trust and support of business partners in order to deliver security and satisfaction to our customers through entering the Indian market. We will build a cooperative system through continuous communication with business partners.

The comprehensive advance support integrated consulting service strives to build a strong cooperative system with business partners. We aim for project success while collaborating on projects that can utilize the fields that business partners are good at.

Intecar Secure Solutions, the predecessor of Zenwaves Japan Co., Ltd., was launched from the security software research, import and sales business. Since then, the company has begun to strengthen its tie-ups with Indian software company managers, which have been in business tie-ups, and has begun consulting services for Indian companies entering the Japanese market and Japanese companies entering the Indian market.