Our strengths

The strength of our business is that we can provide consistent services for the Indian and Japanese markets.
Here are three strengths that make them up.

1. We have consultants with various abilities and experiences

We can provide a support from a number of experienced specialists to meet the needs of overseas expansion projects such as client companies’ the expansion into India. For example, we promise to provide a support from specialists in the fields your company wants, such as sales channel development and marketing support, sales promotion and direct sales business development, support for information system (ICT), and overseas sales channel development. Zenwaves Japan has team members who have a team of people who are familiar with the Indian market and have various business experiences. We can provide consulting services according to customer requirements. Also, depending on the business scheme, we may put your products and technologies at the forefront of capturing the Indian market.

2. We are professional for the product management.

The products for the Indian market need to be devised as products that are optimal for the market. We, Zenwaves Japan, are able to recommend the unique technologies and products according to the Indian market and also to the market environment in each region. In such way, we can provide you a comprehensive support for the selection of technologies and products to local market research, local business-entry support, negotiation of commercial distribution, and cultivation of sales destinations.

3. Abundant network of local subsidiaries

It is very difficult for SME to sell to the Indian market by themselves, even for products that boast new technologies and advanced features from excellent Japanese SMEs. India has over 22 official languages and over 200 languages in use. Moreover, India has 27 states and 7 federal territories, each with a different culture. That is equivalent to the existence of many diverse countries in India. In addition, there is a business practice that places great emphasis on personal connections, and the hurdle for initial transactions is extremely high. We have our group company, Zenwaves InfraTech (Pune, India) in India, and we can conduct the latest information on Indian market trends and network survey.

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