Zenwaves Japan Inc. is a proffesional consulting company which aims to help companies with advanced Japanese technology and unique products to enter the Indian market, and also to support the India’s advanced computer technology products to the Japanese market.

We believe that there is no development of Japan without the development of SMEs. However, SME in recent years are also worried about problems such as labor shortage, stagnant labor productivity, and difficulty in succession, eg. Although all of these problems cannot be solved by our business alone, we may be able to support important measures to increase sales by expanding overseas business in India and also in Japan. We believe that our services will be of great help to achieve such goals.The development of sales channels in the Indian huge market by Japanese SME is a big challenge, but it has high potential compared to the existing overseas markets that have been already developed. Eventually, it will lead to the expansion of sales and profits of SMEs, expansion of existing and new business and also the expansion of employment and improvement of the working environment in the local community. On the other hand, the success of Indian companies in the Japanese market, where the high purchasing power and high quality requirements exist, will undoubtedly help the improvement of their technical and marketing skills. We will build a prosperous society through the support for overseas expansion for SME, the support for business expansion into Japan, and also the security business.

We provide a consistent support for research and a support for Japanese SMEs wishing to expand into India.
・ Companies and SMEs with new technologies (manufacturing, chemistry, electricity, information science, eg.
・ Companies and SMEs wishing to enter the Indian market (overseas market)

We look forward to hearing from such companies.