Privacy policy

We recognize the importance of protecting personal information and strive to use personal information appropriately based on the Personal Information Protection Policy in order to work as an organization to ensure the proper handling of personal information.

Zenwaves Japan, Inc.
President & CEO  Akimichi Kurihara

1. Compliance with related laws and guidelines

The Company will handle personal information properly in compliance with laws and other laws and regulations relating to the protection of personal information, and guidelines and other guidelines regarding the law regarding the protection of personal information.

2. Purpose of using personal information

We will use personal information within the scope of the following purposes for as long as necessary for the performance of our business.

Business partner’s personal information

・ To send materials in response to a material request
・ Used for confirmation of inquiries and communication of answers
・ To perform services such as providing information smoothly
・ To provide our products and services to send information about other related information

3. Provision of personal information to third parties

We do not disclose or provide personal information to third parties except as required by law.

4. Safety management measures

We will take necessary and appropriate security management measures for the management of personal information, such as prevention of leakage, loss or damage. In addition, we will provide necessary and appropriate supervision for employees and contractors (including subcontractors) who handle personal information.

5. Shared use of personal information

The Company shall use the personal information (name, company name, department, post, address, telephone number, fax number, e-mail address, etc.) held by the Company for the purpose of the above 2 in the management responsibility of the Company. , And may be shared with other companies.

6. Disclosure of personal information and inquiries regarding personal information

If you wish to request disclosure, correction, suspension of use, erasure, etc. of your personal information, or if you have any inquiries or complaints regarding the handling of personal information at our company, please contact us.
Contact for inquiries regarding personal information Inquiries ▶Contact us
Please note that when making various requests regarding personal information, we will ask you to submit identification documents in order to confirm your identity.

7. Handling of personal information on our website

  • Security when providing personal information. You may not be able to access this page.
    When we provide visitors with personal information through our website, we use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) or other communication encryption technology to protect the personal information entered. SSL is a common technology used as a security measure for communication on websites, and it prevents interception by encrypting input data before sending it to the Internet. If you use a browser that does not support SSL, etc., you may not be able to access the page due to firewall settings.
  • Use of cookies and collection of browsing history
    There are pages on our website that use a technology called “cookies”.

Cookies are text data sent from the web server to your browser, and the web server refers to the cookie and identifies your computer so that you can use our website efficiently. I can. Of the information that we obtain through cookies, any personally identifiable information or information that can be personally identifiable by combining it with other information will be handled in accordance with the above privacy guidelines. In addition, you can refuse to receive cookies depending on the settings of your browser. If rejected, some content may not be available. The setting method differs depending on the browser. Refer to the help of your browser.

* Our website uses Google Analytics, an access analysis service provided by Google, Inc., to understand the usage status. This service uses cookies to collect access information to our site without including personally identifiable information. For more information, please see the official Google Analytics page.

Enforcement date:  December 01, 2019