Flow from inquiry to contract conclusion

We receive inquiries from Japanese SMEs wishing to enter the Indian market and Indian companies wishing to enter the Japanese market. At Zenwaves, we will listen to the products handled, the unique technologies and the status of the products that become the products, check the status of the market in the Indian market, and hold meetings with each other.

After that, we will move on to the proposal of the technology of your product, the optimization support of the product to the Indian market, the consultation for the advancement, the support of the opening of the Japanese office, and the marketing support of the Japanese market for the Indian company.

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Flow to support

Benefits of consulting Zenwaves Japan

• Full support from Zenwaves, a dedicated Indian support company
• Get support from the Indian Government, a regional savvy Zenwaves India office
• Identify project issues and identify issues with an experienced Zenwaves Japan consultant
And discuss the solution
• After making an inquiry, a preliminary survey will be conducted based on the information provided. afterwards
Know the status of your products, technology, etc. in the Indian market for consultants to visit
I can
• Available at competitive prices compared to foreign-affiliated and major consulting companies
• Get supporters for Indian market capture

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Earn appointments for visiting local companies
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Kurihara representative actively blending into the field

Contracts, alliances, and cooperation

Please consult us, as the cost of the proposal will vary depending on the level of our resources provided according to the needs of your company. In addition, it is possible to enter the market through a cooperative alliance with our company or a partner contract.